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+31 (0)6 51135670
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Sadhu Valakhilyas
 Sadhu has a great passion for vibrantly soulful living, and has devoted himself to practices that establish him in the rich awareness of the heart for over 15 years. He teaches with great enthusiasm & light hearted playfulness, and delights in sharing spiritually transformational tools and practices with others! Sadhu offers enlivening classes, workshops and trainings in yoga, meditation, Sacred Contact Play and AcroYoga. He is a yoga therapist, masseur and offers individual sessions for emotional wellbeing, deep body connection and sexual freedom (see ‘1to1 Sessions’  page for further details). Sadhu lives and works in service of love. He serves Rhiannon, Goddess of Love as Her Sacred Sexual Priest.  He is a keen story teller, and regularly uses evocative narrative and mythological archetypes in his teaching to kindle students imagination as they craft their inner landscape, and forge a more empowered relationship with themselves. Sadhu has taught internationally since 2004, in a diverse range of environments from yoga studios and health clubs, to retreat centres and at healing arts festivals.  Exploring heart centered consciousness is very much a keystone of Sadhu’s teaching. He offers a space for individuals to profoundly encounter themselves, and revel in the unique gift of their embodied presence in the world. Sadhu’s teaching is greatly infused with the practical wisdom of Tantra, which he feels to be incredibly pertinent for modern living.  
 Sadhu celebrates the dance of feminine and masculine energies within each of us as the play of Goddess and God. His work reflects his deep desire to live the return of a ‘power with’ paradigm on our planet, in which we humans mutually uplift and elevate one another through embodying our individual greatness and living the gifts of both our feminine and masculine energy in harmony with beloved Mother Earth.  Sadhu also offers events and classes specifically for men in both yoga/meditation and Sacred Contact Play. He highly values the supportive and nurturing sense of brotherhood that can be ignited in conscious male community, and feels exhilarated to do this work.    Sacred Contact Play is an expression of Sadhu’s fervour for transformational practice undertaken and shared in community. These events highlight our capacity to hold space for one another, offer our presence, and open to our shared potential to connect with, learn from, support and uplift each other on the road to living with greater freedom.  Sadhu is ever grateful to the many great spiritual teachers with whom he has had the privilege to study. He feels very fortunate to have trained extensively across the globe from 2005-2011 with John Friend; the founder of Anusara Yoga, and was a licensed Anusara Inspired Yoga Teacher for 4 years. Sadhu has immensely enjoyed more than 1600 hours of Anusara Yoga training, and remains richly influenced by the many gifted teachers from this method with whom he has both studied and collaborated. He has been blessed to train all over the world with highly skilled yoga teachers from a vast array of methodologies, and has also received comprehensive schooling in the Iyengar Yoga system, Integral Yoga tradition and from AcroYoga International.  In his work with conscious relationship and sacred sexuality, Sadhu is greatly inspired by Priestess Katinka Soetens. He is also grateful to have participated in trainings with ISTA, The Body Electric and Authentic Eros, and to have worked as a facilitator with Men In Touch.  Sadhu is an ardent meditator and has explored numerous mindfulness techniques from a whole plethora of spiritual traditions, including the many systems of yoga, shamanism, Kabbalah, and Buddhism. He has relished studying yogic & tantric philosophy and meditation practice with expert teachers such as Sally Kempton, Douglas Brooks, Carlos Pomeda, and Swami Karunananda. Sadhu has a great love of teaching meditation and feels privileged to witness the potency of these practices unfolding in the lives of his  Sadhu also loves to teach & share the community fueled practice of AcroYoga and facilitate the powerful exchange and collaboration that can occur in this partner/relationship focused movement practice.  A big part of Sadhu’s own spiritual journey has been the practice of personal retreat. In 2003 he undertook a 40 day silent retreat as part of Las Piramides 3 month meditation course in Guatemala. Since this time he has derived great insight from numerous periods of retreat, and at the beginning of 2012 spent 3 months living out in the wilds of New Zealand, immersing himself deeply in the practices of meditation, yogic breathing & journaling, and in the enchanting ways of the natural world.  Sadhu learnt a great deal about both the power of intention, and living love, whilst apprenticing a New Age shaman in Guatemala for 9 months in 2003/2004. This has become an essential part of his own teaching over the years, and is especially evident in his work with touch. Touch has always been a very awakened experience for Sadhu, and an integral aspect of life. His profound affinity with touch directed him unknowingly to work with autistic children in his late teens, wherein he received rich insight into the communicative and nurturing depths of touch. In his early twenties he trained in numerous bodywork and massage modalities, as well as practicing sex magic and shadow work with the shaman he apprenticed.  Sadhu has a great love of biomechanics and undertakes daily somatic inquiry through his own devoted yoga practice. His yoga teaching is rooted in profoundly nourishing, dynamic alignment principles which he also shares through one to one yoga therapeutics sessions with clients & students navigating injuries & ailments of all kinds. He has also trained in Kinesiology.  Sadhu highly values the potency of self development in community. He spent more than a year in India exploring both yoga and spiritual communities (ashrams), and has also lived and served at Satchidananda Ashram Yogaville, Virginia, for which he has a very deep affection. Sadhu has staffed numerous Integral Yoga teacher training programs at Yogaville, and delights in mentoring teacher trainees in unfolding their skills as teachers. He currently teaches on several yoga teacher training programs in both the Netherlands and U.S.A. He is excited to be offering advanced teacher training modules in ‘Owning Your Creative Power, Uniqueness and Authentic Voice as Yoga Teacher’.  Sadhu’s teaching investigates the magic of movement when infused with the deepest sentiments of our hearts. The motion of the body, breath, and mind when stirred by the depths of our presence, and of the skin when consciously giving and receiving touch. He is ever in awe of the profound insight and upliftment that comes through heightened awareness and sensitivity, and is wholeheartedly dedicated in sharing means to expand consciousness with others.  Sadhu has taught in London and around the U.K, New Zealand, Guatemala, U.S.A, Canada, Indonesia, and is currently based in Amsterdam.
+31 (0)6 51135670